Horizon Line Necklace with Cuff Keeper

Color: Vintage Silver

The strange thing about the sunset is that we don’t actually want the sun to set, we want it to stay right on the horizon. Not above it, not below it. Just right on it. Is there anything more peaceful than taking in the quiet beauty of the setting sun? The line where the earth meets the sky- it’s a fine line between golden hour and blue hour- sure, no sun will outlast its sunset and darkness will always follow, but the sun will always rise again and bring the dawn.

  • Closure | Cuff Keeper
  • Length | 18" or 24"
  • Finish | Vintage Gold or Vintage Silver
  • Materials | Brass Chain, Seed Beads, Natural Wood Beads, Recycled Metals
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 100% Nickel Free
  • Ethically Sourced

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