Love Ya Rose Quartz Round Drop Earring


You are the pepperoni to my pizza, the butter to my bread, the cream to my coffee. Ooooooh, I love ya!! Friends forever? You know it. These Rose Quartz Round Drop Earrings are bringing all the harmonious vibes. Pretty in pink, rose quartz will last as long as your love of 80's tunes and romantic comedies. When you need a little pick-me-up or want to show someone you care, wear and gift these cuties. Not only do they say "I'll love ya 4eva, girlfriend" but they remind you that love starts within. Wear these earrings and make sure you always take time to pamper #1.

  • Vintage gold or silver plate
  • Genuine Rose Quartz Gemstones
  • 100% nickel free
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Handcrafted for women
  • Made in the USA

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