Patience Please Black Feather Necklace Pendant on Mainstay Extender

Color: Shiny Silver

When you can't find a parking space at Target, the kids are fighting in the backseat, and the line at Starbucks is ridiculously long, you need a little black feather action in your life. Take a few deep breaths, wrap your hand around the Black Feather Pendent Charm on Mainstay Extender, and find your zen-space; your inner yoga studio.

A feather floats slowly to the earth, right? It takes its time. It's not in a rush. It enjoys every sweet breath of air and every transition as it travels the path it was meant to. There's definitely a lesson in there for you, don't ya think? When you're feeling overstressed, overwhelmed, and overworked, pause and know that this too shall pass. To find your balance again, you just need to have a little patience, please.

  • Shiny Gold or Shiny Silver Charm
  • 1 inch Mainstay Necklace Extender on a Vintage Gold or Vintage Silver Chain
  • 100% nickel free
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Handcrafted for women
  • Made in the USA

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