The Great Balancing Act Necklace Set

Color: Vintage Gold

We're all just trying to do the best we can. So what if the house isn’t picked up every day? So what if that laundry pile is getting too high? So what if you take the kids to school looking like you just rolled out of bed? Society expects us to strive to be several things: the ‘perfect employee’, the ‘perfect parent’, and we can't forget the ‘perfectly healthy person’. It’s no surprise that it feels impossible to balance it all. It's so important to remember you can’t do it all and focus on what’s important to you- Spending quality time with family, working out or enjoying a little time to yourself, trying to get a decent amount of sleep. Slip on this necklace set to remind yourself that the perfect balance is impossible- we can’t always have everything working at 100% at every point in time, what’s important is that you aim to do the best you can in that moment- the rest will fall into place, and even if it doesn’t, we should at least give ourselves the chance to try again another day.  


Necklace Set Includes:

  • The Big Debate Cuff Keeper Necklace
  • Its A Balancing Act Sun and Wave Pendant 


  • Closure| Cuff Keeper
  • Length| 16", 18” or 24”
  • Finish| Vintage Gold or Vintage Silver
  • Materials| Brass Chain
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 100% Nickel Free
  • Ethically Sourced


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