Cancer Zodiac Charm | Ruled by Moon | Element Water

CANCER Birthday: 6/21-7/22

We’ll cut to the chase because we know you hate small talk. You’re deeply emotional and there’s a whole lot going on in that creative brain of yours. While resting b*tch face may be your thing, it just means you’re sizing up the situation. Not everyone is worth your loyalty because once you’re in, you’re in, so you’re always gonna look before you leap.

Ruling Planet: The Moon
“Are you sure? Because that’s not how you felt a minute ago…?” While your moods may change quickly (like the changing tides of the moon) and it may confuse other people, you’re always certain of how you feel. Even when it was different just a second ago.

Element: Water
You have undercurrents of complexity that not everyone sees, and your intuition is as strong as the riptides. Let’s hope, for their sake, that no one underestimates you.
  • Brass Charm Gold and Silver FInish 
  • Two Tone Charm  
  • Stone Color- Sapphire Blue
  • Charm Size Length 1.25" x 3/4" Wide
  • 100% Nickle Free
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Made in USA

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