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Seeing Stars Necklace Set

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It’s like stumbling upon a hidden treasure in the most unexpected place. A surge of sparks exploding behind your eyelids, like a dazzling firework display on the canvas of your mind. Seeing stars is a gentle nudge from the cosmos, a reminder that life is full of delightful surprises waiting just around the corner. Caught off guard, your world is momentarily a constellation of brilliance, reminding us that magic can happen when we least expect it.


Light up the Night Necklace with Cuff Keeper (Stardust, 18")
Light up the Night Necklace with Cuff Keeper (Shooting Star, 22")
Remain Grateful Rope Chain Necklace with Cuff Keeper (14kt Gold, 18.5")
Light the Way North Star Pendant (14kt Gold) 
Magic in the Everyday Vintage Crystal (Air, 14kt Gold)

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Recycled Metals, Vintage Crystals, Glass Beads

CLOSURE: 14kt Gold Stainless-Steel Cuff Keeper

LENGTH: 18", 18.5" and 22"


Water & Sweat Resistant

Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


Ethically Sourced

Made in the USA

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