Aries Zodiac Charm | Ruled by Mars| Element Fire

ARIES Birthday: 3/21-4/19

The first child of the Zodiac, you probably won’t even read this description because you’re too busy blazing a path ahead of all of us at lightning speed. The leader of the pack, equal parts assertive and independent, we know you’re gonna tell it to us straight and we love that about you.

Ruling Planet: Mars
Mars is the planet of action which explains your passion and energy to attack your bucket list like it’s leaking. That natural swagger and confidence you have? It comes from your ruling planet. So send Mars a little thank you note for your self-assurance and self-starting energy that keeps you comfy in the knowledge that you’re always the best person for the job.

Element: Fire
You have energy, passion, and assertiveness on tap from this strong element being in your corner. Have you ever had a day of doubt in your life? Sheesh.
  • Brass Charm Gold and Silver Finish
  • Two Tone Charm  
  • Stone Color- Ruby Red
  • Charm Size Length 1.25" x 3/4" Wide
  • 100% Nickle Free
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Made in USA

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