Chill Out! Amethyst Beaded Adjustable Chain Bracelet

Color: Vintage Silver

Yeah, there's a lot going on in your world and a lot of things to stress out about. But worrying never solves anything. It just makes those frown lines between your eyes get deeper (and no one needs that). Cross your fingers and make a wish. Look both ways before you cross the street. Wear your Amethyst Beaded Adjustable Chain Bracelet to remind yourself it's time to relax and look for the good, rather than the bad. You make your own destiny, so "chill out" and believe in YOU. You've got this.

  • Vintage Gold or Silver Finish
  • Genuine Amethyst Gemstone
  • Adjustable fits most
  • 100% nickel free
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Made in the USA

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