In Deep Thought Necklace Set

Color: Vintage Gold

Delicate and sweet, the name pansy was derived from the French word “pensée” which means thought or thinking. Now, think about how much time you spend thinking, and its probably not much- It’s so easy to live life on autopilot- sleep, work, care for tiny humans, kill time on social media. Day after day. Let the little pansy remind you to break that cycle and really think about yourself, other people, your goals and topics you find interesting. Wear this necklace set and let your thoughts take you on an adventure. Perhaps you’ll find thinking a lot easier with this dandy little pansy around your neck. 

Pulled from the archives of our factory, circa 1960s, this unused vintage PJ Wilson signed Pansy enamel Pendant from his Providence Collection was begging to be brought back to life. Nothing some re-plating and a little TLC couldn't fix- get one now because once these beauties are gone, they're gone.

Set Includes


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 100% Nickel Free
  • Ethically Sourced

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