Libra Zodiac Charm | Ruled by Venus | Element Air


LIBRA Birthday: 9/23-10/22

The more, the merrier! Is there anything better than a bunch of new people to talk to? Teeming with endless imagination, your brain is a creative warehouse full of ideas ready to spring to life. Utterly charming, you’re a master of looking at things from multiple angles which makes you the perfect person to start an awkward conversation or head up a messy project.

Ruling Planet: Venus
The lovely Venus shines through in your desire for good, solid relationships. There’s no room for cheating or lying with you. It’s all about fairness, honesty, and balance. If someone isn’t going to value you as much as you value them? Well, then. They can just keep on keepin’ on.

Element: Air
While it may not look like you’re paying attention, you’re about to drop a truth bomb that changes everything, aren’t you?


  • Brass Charm Plated Gold and Silver
  • Two Tone Charm  
  • Stone Color- Lt. Topaz
  • Charm Size Length 1.25" x 3/4" Wide
  • 100% Nickle Free
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Made in USA

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