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Peace Love | Give a Cuff®

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Giving A Cuff is easier than you think.

PeaceLove is on a mission to make it a little easier and a little more fun to feel better. The purchase of this cuff helps promote creativity and mental health to those in need of feeling better and releasing their stresses and worries.

 For this fundraiser, we’re donating 68% of each individual cuff sold, directly to PeaceLove Foundation. Scribl, powered by PeaceLove, helps people through workshops, on-demand classes, and kits work through their feelings with simple, creative activities to help people feel better. Scribl helps our community release stress and worry with markers, string and glue. Those in need of peace of mind will create stuff out of construction paper, or paint their old shoes. They’ll Scribl out their feelings. They will ultimately make stuff and feel better.

We’re proud to support a local charity that is so close to our hearts. Help us help others by using fashion as a force of good. Here’s a little bit about our Create Cuff:

  • Iron Base Cuff 
  • Hand Braided with Threads of Loyalty Colors (Seafoam & Green Paradise)
  • Embellished with brass "CREATE" charm
  • Fits Most 
  • Standard Cuff size 6" with 1" opening


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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