Ready To Change Necklace Set


Oof. Change? It can be realllllly hard to do. It can be so difficult to be ready for; to feel like it’s time to leap; to feel like you’re strong enough to let go of the past and shimmy into the unknown. Sure, you can stay where you are right now. It’s safe. It’s familiar. What if you’re meant for so much more than this? The thing is, you’ll never know unless you try. Slip this necklace on and reach towards new beginnings. Stretch towards a new version of yourself because it’s worth trying to be, create, and have it all. You might just fall in love with who you become - and never look back.

  • Plated Brass Chain | Vintage Gold 
  • Chain Length Adjustable up to 30"
  • Include Charms | Look and Leap Hare Pendent, Timeless Tradition Skinny Vintage Crystal| Winged Scarab with Light Amyethst Channel Crystal Extender
  • Genuine Oval Tigers Eye Gemstones
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Made in USA

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