Take Flight Necklace Set

Color: Vintage Gold

A caterpillar never even dreams of flying. But their maker has other plans- to let them soar. I will spare you the science lesson, but as it emerges from the depths of its cocoon, the butterfly has no idea that they can fly, let alone how to. Regardless, it opens its wings in perfect confidence and takes flight. Let the butterfly inspire you- take some time to rethink, replan, reassess, refocus, restore and embrace yourself in the process and you too will be ready to emerge, not as a bigger or different caterpillar, but as a magnificent flying butterfly- and never forget where you came from. Lift off and soar into the skies of your ultimate purpose and destiny.

Set Includes:


  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • 100% Nickel Free
  • Ethically Sourced

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