Wanderlust Set of 2 Beaded Wraps

$52 $64
Color: Vintage Gold

Laundry, work, errands, kids- there’s no summer vacation for that stuff. Ever wonder why adults are expected to labor though the long hot summer months, while the kids get a leisurely three-month break? I’m starting to dislike my kids just thinking about it. Slip on this set as a gentle reminder that you ought to slow down and soak in some summer for yourself- eat the ice cream cone, take a personal day, run through the sprinkler- Satisfy a bit of that summer vacation wanderlust every time you slip these on. That is, until you’re thrown back into reality because you have to make yet another last-minute run to the market (just be sure to pick up all of the ingredients for those margaritas).

  • Set of 2
  • Beaded by Hand in the USA
  • Flexible and Adjustable
  • One Size Fits Most

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