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Curing The Winter Blues

Curing The Winter Blues

As we near the end of the winter in New England, all it takes is one day over 40 degrees for us to go into a warm-weather-frenzy, shoving the wool sweaters into the back of our closets while stuffing our pasty white legs into shorts. 

While this might seem mildly insane to most of the country, the hope that comes with some sunshine and (barely) warm weather is a big deal around here. 

Being trapped in our homes for the majority of winter on the heels of a really long year of sheltering-in-place with COVID-19 quarantines, makes it hard not to feel massive relief that springtime is on its way. 

But what can you do between now and the actual spring weather to keep the bummed out feelings at bay? Because let’s get real for a sec: You know it’s going to snow again before it gets warm enough for the flowers to bloom. 

And if we’re being REALLY real, it’s probably gonna snow several times. 

All joking aside though, seasonal depression is a real thing. And whether you’re just sick of being in your house or you’re clinically feeling down by the winter season, here are 5 simple ways to help make today a better day:

  1. LISTEN: Create a Spotify playlist. Text your friends and ask them to each add 5 of their favorite happy tunes to it. Then, have a Zoom meet-up to listen and talk about the memories you have associated with your choices. 
  2. DANCE: Put on some 80’s or 70’s dance tunes and just let go. Shake your booty, toss your hair, and arm flailing IS required. 
  3. PAINT: Any kid will tell you how much fun fingerpainting is. Connect with your inner child and grab some paints and a canvas/paper. Dip your fingers in paint and let your fingers create a Picasso-inspired pic. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mood improves.  
  4. MOVE: Bundle up and go outside, even if it’s cold and snowing. Take a walk and get some sunshine on your face. Lack of vitamin D and lack of exercise can contribute to feelings of sadness. 
  5. DRESS: We know your sweatpants have become your new uniform, but slip them off and put on a pair of jeans instead. Wash your face, and brush your hair. Find a clean shirt and then put some jewelry on. Simple acts like these can really boost your mood!

What’s your go-to activity when you’re feeling down? Leave us a comment below!

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