Founders of Air and Anchor sharing a moment in their land rover while wearing jewelry and accessories that they created.

Local roots, global conscience.

Founded by husband and wife who realized that being there and being present are two different things. Coming from a world of non-stop hustle, they learned how important reminders were to slow down or even keep going. Keep pushing through the hard times, let go of the failures, and allow yourself to take those moments that rebalance yourself. Something to ensure you begin to live your life in between. Their past was consumed with finding the destination, but now they are determined to enjoy the journey. They aim to help others realize that by creating wearable daily reminders and products that enhance those moments.

Designed in Rhode Island, these products are ethically sourced and environmentally-conscious. They work hard to keep it in their own backyard, both in their workshop and by collaborating with local artisans. They constantly search for and use recycled materials whenever they can. They carry on the legacy of thoughtful, high quality in their family factory. This means good business practices aren’t a nice-to-have, they’re a guarantee.

Creating Happy Moments

The Give a Cuff™ line was developed to give everyone the opportunity to give back and create happy moments for others. We do this because we are all in this together, a part of this one world and we all Give a Cuff™ about each other. Let’s share the kindness and create a movement around these cuffs. Happy moments = good stuff all around.

Every Give a Cuff™ piece is handcrafted and perfected by artisans from a female-led company in India. Committed to higher wages, and employing their staff with 90% women, our partners abroad are doing things right

Give a Cuff