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Congrats, you must have bought some rad products that are keeping you on the path of enjoying life and really living those in between moments. Now your wondering, "how do I keep this looking its best?" Well, lets talk about the products first. All of our jewelry products, whether trend or precious, are plated Silver, Gold, Hematite and/or have a protective coating. It is very possible that over time from continuous wear, plating will fade. This is unavoidable over the lifetime of any plated jewelry. That's ok, because just like life we get battered and bruised a bit but those are the marks of a great lived life. But, because of this we recommend the following cautions.

Forever 925 Jewelry Care:
Our Sterling Silver jewelry is made to live in, but it will oxidize naturally and a little love goes a long way when it comes to maintaining the life of your pieces. We recommend:

  • Do your best to not wear while swimming, bathing, doing dishes or cleaning, but if you do, make sure you rinse with warm water + mild soap, and dry immediately.
  • Do not expose to bleach, chlorine, or extended time in water.
  • When you want to clean your jewelry use a very soft cloth or microfiber cloth (like a sunglass cloth) to wipe away any dirt. You’ll be surprised by how much your pieces will polish back up to their original shine but please take special care when cleaning- our fingers are so much stronger than we realize when applying pressure on small, hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wear your sterling silver frequently- the oils in your skin will “clean” the sterling silver every time you wear it.
  • Do not use liquid cleaner and avoid sterling silver polishing cloths.
  • On the rare days you decide not to wear your piece, store in a cool dry place- may not be the prettiest option, but plastic zip-top bags are the best container to use to store your jewelry. A jewelry box with a tight-fitting lid is also a great option.

Stainless Steel Care:
Stainless Steel is a durable metal that is loved for being low maintenance since it is corrosion, tarnish and water resistant. Ensure the longevity of your Stainless-Steel pieces with these basic care instructions:

  • Keep it easy on yourself- the simplest way to clean your stainless-steel jewelry is with a mild dish soap (like Dawn), warm water and a soft cloth. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned off your jewelry, make sure you dry completely. 
  • Keep your pieces away from chemicals like bleach and detergents. Regular exposure to them can cause discoloration
  • Stainless-steel is water resistant, not water-proof. The less exposure to water, the better. Therefore, we recommend you remove your jewelry before swimming or showering if your looking to keep it looking its best.
  • Store your stainless-steel jewelry separately in box or pouch, to avoid scratching.

Trend Jewelry Care:
Our brass jewelry is plated in silver, gold, or hematite. It is very possible that over time from continuous wear, plating will fade, which is unavoidable over the lifetime of any plated jewelry and metals may oxidize over time due to oxygen and natural body oils. Oxidation is not a manufacturing defect and may be due to reactions in your skin. Because of this, we recommend the following:

  • Apply cosmetics, hair products, lotions, perfumes and powders before layering on your jewelry.
  • Remove your pieces before showering, swimming, sunbathing, and exercising.
  • Prevent damage and breakage by removing your jewelry at bedtime.
  • To reduce oxidation, store jewelry in a sealed bag or box in a dry, dark, cool place.
  • Use a mild soap and water if you need to clean your jewelry. Always make sure to completely dry your jewelry after cleaning. Please note- this will not remove previous oxidation.


    These mugs are pretty hardy, made with white stone clay but just like any dishware be kind. You can totally go the hand-washing route or throw it in the dishwasher your call. Throw is a figure of speech (place it in the dishwasher).

    Serving Boards

    Got your board a bit sloppy did you? No worries, nothing a little soapy water can't clean up. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER! That hot bubble bath will certainly do some damage to this masterpiece. Natural oils are always good, so if its used often should be all set. If you feel the need, you could also rub in a little cooking oil with a rag on to this bad boy.


    So you got your hands on one of the most baddass aprons out there, congrats! That means your super creative, whether in the kitchen or the shop. Now, what are you going to do when you decide to leave some of your rad work on your apron? Well you can dust it off with your hand and remember that moment when your back doing your magic, nice little reminder. Or if you want, little spot washing always works. Some soap and water and let it dry. We made these babies with some of the toughest waxed canvas out there, even our pockets are water repellent! Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing but we all know its nice to keep things clean....ish.