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Enjoy the Small Moments

Enjoy the Small Moments

Today’s world is buzzing with notifications, appointments and plans. Full-time jobs have become 60-hour work weeks, while weekends have become a marathon of obligations. Life is a constant volley of to-do’s and need-to’s, causing anticipation and anxiety for what’s next; the next dinner date, the next piece of news, the next “like” on Instagram. This exhausting loop keeps our lives (and our brains) on fast-forward, with no time to slow down or enjoy what’s right in front of us.

The Challenge

Today, we want to challenge you to stop. Breathe. And enjoy the small moments. Whether you’re laughing with your partner, playing catch with your kids or getting a cup of coffee with a friend, stop for a moment to soak it in. 

This is the first step to creating a more joyful life—because in the end, the little things are really the big things. In fact, studies show that while grand experiences (graduations, marriage, buying a house, etc.) bring joy in the moment, the small things actually “count for more” later on. As people grow older, they identify the ordinary, everyday moments as the ones that really defined their lives. This makes it even more essential to slow down and savor those little moments as we go through life.

Showing Up to Life

The key to a truly joyful life? Presence of body and mind... Whether it’s taking a walk to the store with your partner or sharing a bottle of wine with your best friend, don’t just be there, be present. Turn off your phone (or at least put it on silent), quiet your mind, focus on the now. By making these small adjustments to keep your attention in the moment, you’ll go from being a bystander to an active participant in your own life.

The best part is that this doesn’t just apply to spending time with others, it extends to spending time with yourself. That ride home from work every day? Use it as time to unwind, rather than replaying the day in your head and making to-do lists for tomorrow. Turn on your favorite album—you know the one—and soak in every last note and lyric. Take five deep, cleansing breaths. Shed the stress of the day and prepare your mind to savor the evening, because it’s already started—and you’re living it.

While this may sound like a simple thing, it can get difficult when you’re confronted with the inconveniences of life. An impatient boss, gridlock traffic or endless errands can drag us right back into life’s endless volley—and there’s no time to stop and smell the roses when you’re looking for the next return hit.

That’s where we come in.

Welcome to the Life in Between

Air & Anchor is all about providing you with the reminders and encouragement you need to live the life in between—between the meetings, the responsibilities and the hustle and bustle of everyday. By taking small steps to enjoy those “in-between” moments, you’ll be able to focus on the journey, instead of letting it fly by as you bolt to the finish line. 

We believe the key is to anchor yourself in the moments that matter, while never forgetting to come up for air when you need it. This means being easier on yourself and the people around you. It means skipping that work meeting for lunch with an old friend (and not feeling guilty about it). It means forgoing chore day in favor of a family picnic. 

As you learn to allow yourself these simple pleasures, you’ll learn to build on them, creating even more memories that’ll last a lifetime. And we’re here to give you that permission slip.

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