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Finding Meaning in Your Morning

Finding Meaning in Your Morning

If your morning routine is a constant struggle with the snooze button, it may be time to rethink things. (Just a little bit.) We chatted with our founders about their habits — and spoiler alert, like many successful people, they’re firm believers in starting their day before six in the morning. 

As husband and wife, and parents of three, our founders are busy. Each morning at 5:00 AM, they have a cup of coffee together before their kids wake up. Without their children, or any other distractions, it’s their time to connect and enjoy a moment together. Sometimes without even speaking.

We’re not saying you have to magically become a morning person, but we do encourage everyone to relook at their routines and see how we can all introduce new and healthy habits into our daily lives. Sometimes by creating just a little bit of space, we’re able to stop and enjoy the small moments we never knew we needed.

Your morning routine is personal, so we rounded up a few ideas that may be worth waking up a little bit earlier for.


Believe it or not, the “most important meal” isn’t made for the weekends. By waking up just a little bit earlier, you can have the time to start your day sunny side up. Studies show that eating breakfast can help with cognitive functions, such as memory, and also help you maintain a healthy weight. 

Read a Book

Instead of hitting snooze, reach over and grab that novel from your nightstand. You don’t even have to get out of bed any earlier to catch up on a couple of chapters. Reading helps reduce stress and improve focus and concentration throughout the day.


If heading out for a HIIT workout first thing isn’t for you, you can start your day with a simple stretching routine. With just ten-minutes of movement, you can remove tension and relieve  stress.

Listen to Music

We’re not not saying the news can be a bit of a downer. Opt for a more positive beginning and set the tone for your day with a morning playlist. Music is proven to increase happiness, decrease stress, and lead to overall better health. 

See? You don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t have the morning routine of a millionaire. We encourage you to try a few things and find what works for you. There are many ways to start small and create mindfulness in your everyday life.

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