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How To Open Your Cuff Keeper Necklace

How To Open Your Cuff Keeper Necklace


So now you have this awesome Cuff Keeper Necklace from Air & Anchor® but how the heck do you open it??

We developed this unique keeper to securely hold your charms while being really easy to open. Until you know how to work it, figuring it out may feel as impossible as breaking into Fort Knox, but we swear it’s super simple once you know what you’re doing. 

Here’s how to open your Cuff Keeper in three simple steps:   

Diagram of how to open Air and Anchor's cuff keeper necklace


See? That wasn’t so hard! 

You can use this three step process to open all of our Cuff Keepers. We recommend layering on Air & Anchor® necklaces depending on what you’re wearing and then layering charms on them to support what you need that day. Is it encouragement? Patience? Strength?

AIR AND ANCHOR Two Cuff Keeper Necklaces with Charms

Air & Anchor® Charms

Layering charms is a fun way to up your necklace game. What do you need to remind yourself to do? What do you want to show the world about yourself? Charm combinations are as individual as you, so stack ‘em as only you can. Mixing regular charms with extender charms gives you added length, texture, and dimension. 

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