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Focus On The Now Charm

Focus on the Now...Now!

Our devices constantly ping and ding letting us know that we have another email, another person checking us out on Linkedin, another match on our dating app, another sale on our favorite website, another video from that hilarious guy we follow on TikTok... 

We live in the age of distraction. 

With the fast pace of our lives and our crazy schedules, stressed out has become the new norm with everyone living for the weekend. To combat this, you’ve got to learn to focus on the now... to be present in every moment so that your life doesn’t pass you by.

(You don’t want to be 85-years-old and look back and wonder why you didn’t enjoy your life more when you were able to, right?)

But how the hell do you focus on “just being” when there’s so much going on all the time?

Here’s what we suggest: 

Take a moment and look around. What’s happening? 

See it all - and be there - without thinking or worrying about anything else. When you stop living in the past and stop living for the future, you can truly enjoy the moment you’re in. 

Here are three quick tips to keep you focusing on the now...right now!

1 - Forgive and forget

Yeah, it’s totally cliche and definitely not easy. But when you choose to forgive and move on, you choose to be present with what’s going on now. What that person did to you is on them, but you still thinking about it is on you. Letting it go clears up your mind to be present with the here and now. 

2 - Let it go

You are awesome. No doubt about it. But if you’re still talking about what you accomplished in the past, then you’re not able to create new successes today. Build on those past wins, but stop relying on them to make you feel good. You can’t move forward when you’re always looking behind you.

3 - Stop your worrying

Stop freaking out about what’s going to happen in the future. Time isn’t stopping. Tomorrow is coming whether you obsess about it or not. So, just focus on today. Worrying about tomorrow does nothing but keep you away from enjoying the present moment.

Remember: Your focus determines your reality. So what’s it going to be? Missing out on all the small moments that make today special or letting go of thought patterns that are blocking you from enjoying today to its fullest? 

We’re choosing to focus on the now. How about you?

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