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Perfection: Is it an illusion or is it real?

Perfection: Is it an illusion or is it real?

Are you constantly striving for perfection? We’re gonna be straight with you...that’s a giant waste of time and you need to just simmah down with that. “Perfection” is just an illusion. A trick of photoshop and good writers. 

What’s real? Being comfortable in your own skin. Being yourself 100% of the time. Being okay with making mistakes and learning from them. Around here we call that being “perfectly imperfect”.

Here’s what we think about perfection:

  • Getting to the heart of who you are is perfection.
  • Being comfortable with your quirks and unique things that make you different from everyone else is perfection. 

We want you to remember this every morning when you get dressed for the day. Our Timeless Tradition Vintage Crystal Pendant are here to keep you believing in yourself, feeling confident in who you are, and moving you forward in an authentic way. 

Woman Holding AIR AND ANCHOR necklace with Crystal Charm.

Our designer and co-founder Rachel says, 

“These vintage crystal stones are so amazing because they remind me of my grandfather. He was notorious for taking something that was average and finding the beauty in it. These stones all had a very thin foil back to them and he noticed that when he took it off, the crystal really popped. It gave such dimension to the stone because one side is more flat, and the other side where the foil would have been, is pointed. 
The other thing he did was set the stones in these castings which are just amazing. What I love about these is they are so imperfectly perfect. You can tell that they have lived a life somewhere but that they were reclaimed.”

Gold AIR AND ANCHOR Paper Clip Cuff Keeper Necklace with Crystal Charm

So here’s your challenge for today: 

Find the beauty in something you might normally overlook because of its simplicity. 

Is it your first sip of coffee? Is it the way your son threw his head back and belly laughed at something silly? Is it the hawk that flew over your truck while you were driving to work?  

What small moments can you reclaim today to make your day a little more joyful, a little more beautiful, and a little more “you”?

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