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The Best Quarantine Valentine's Day Ideas

The Best Quarantine Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day 2021 is shaping up to look a little (a lot!) different than the PDA-filled lovefests of the past. Nookie with your sweetie in a hazy bar is out (unless you can do it masked up and 6-feet apart, which sounds like something straight out of Mission Impossible). 

So how do you make this V-day one for the books? We have some ideas that’ll make you cooler than Cupid whether you’re snuggling with your significant other, hanging with your kids, or video chatting with friends. 

Whatever you end up doing, here are three important 2021 Valentine’s Day rules to remember:

  1. Asking someone to be your “Valentine” is totally lame. 
  2. Asking someone to be your “Quarantine” is hella romantic. 
  3. The best way to celebrate is by staying IN. 


  1. Write each other Love Notes: include all the things you love and one thing that drives you crazy (just to keep it real). 
  2. Recreate your First Date: This can be equal parts romantic and hilarious trying to recreate it in your home. (Unless your first date was in your home!)
  3. Make a Charcuterie Board...but with candies and desserts. Create a playlist on Spotify of songs that make you think of each other and listen while you enjoy the sweet treats.
  4. Pour a glass of your favorite beer or wine and play Tabletopics Date Night. It’s a fun way to get to know each more without feeling like you’re giving each other the 3rd degree.
  5. Transform your dining room into an over-the-top V-day Wonderland. Think: Massive amounts of decorations, candles, flowers, and a sh*tload of hearts. (Cuz really...why not?!) Order dinner and get dressed up while waiting for the delivery person to arrive. Meet back at the table for a date night.
  6. Organize a virtual Jeopardy date night with other couples you know. Have everyone kick in a little moola so the winning couple can buy themselves dinner. 

Bonus Option: End any of the above activities with a spa night! Take a bath together, then grab some oil and trade massages. We’ll let your imagination take it from there. ;) 


  1. Zoom Trivia Night! Mix up a cocktail or pop the top on your favorite brew and meet online for some fun Q&A time. 
  2. Book a joint virtual Sur La Table's class. Everyone joins in and cooks together from home. Fun + food = Perfect V-day!
  3. Letters of Gratitude: Sit down and pen your thoughts about your closest pals. Sharing gratitude for who they are and what they mean to you is the best gift. And, let’s face it. It’s always awesome to get a mail delivery that isn’t Amazon.
  4. Host a Dance Party! Facetime your favorite friends and bust a move to your favorite tunes together.
  5. Mixology 101: Each person picks a drink recipe and then everyone makes it in their own kitchen while on Zoom together. Taste testing is mandatory.
  6. Have a Netflix “Watch Party” and binge watch shows together on Zoom or Facetime. Sex In The City, anyone? 


  1. Deliver breakfast in bed (with heart-shaped everything) to set the tone for the day.
  2. Have an Indoor Picnic Complete with Bubbly Champagne (AKA sparkling grape juice).
  3. Chocolate Fondue for Dinner! (No veggies allowed.)
  4. Head Out to the Backyard: Light a fire, toast marshmallows, put on some fun music, and dance your butts off.
  5. Have a V-day Themed Scavenger Hunt - inside or outside.
  6. Make homemade Cards For Each Other - list at least 5 things you love about each person.

However you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, take a few moments to really appreciate the day. While it might not look the same as in year’s past, it can still be filled with tons of special moments, buckets of gratitude, and an abundance of happiness. 

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