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Float on Koi Fish Pendant

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You know, water has this magical quality about it, even the wildest waves bow down to its calming touch. Now, picture the koi fish- stunning, graceful, and elegant. They really embody that tranquil nature of water. It’s like they’re the Zen masters of the underwater universe. Watching those koi glide through the water, it’s almost like they’re giving you a friendly nudge and whispering, “Hey, life’s not a mad, frantic dash, it’s more like a leisurely float down the river. So, why not, take a breather, inhale deeply, and let life’s gentle current gently carry you along for a bit?”

    MATERIAL: Recycled Metals

    FINISH: 14kt Gold 

    LENGTH: 1" x 1"


    Ethically Sourced

    Made In the USA

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