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Here Comes the Sun Pendant

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Imagine a sunburst in all its glory, blazing with its fiery energy, sending out those rays that reach far and wide. It’s like a symbol of pure power and grit, sheer power and determination, serving as a subtle reminder that we’ve all got this hidden strength within us, just waiting to face life’s challenges, head-on. Each of those rays is like an explosion of energy, shooting out from the center, the heartbeat of the sunburst, untamed and wild. It’s like the sunburst is winking at us, saying, “Hey, you’ve got this explosive power inside, just like the sun itself.” So, whenever life throws something at you, remember that reservoir of inner might you can tap into- it’s always there when you need it.

    MATERIAL: Brass

    FINISH: 14kt Gold

    LENGTH: Approximately 2.75" x 1"


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