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In Perfect Harmony Necklace Set

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Perfect harmony is an essential component in any relationship; it's the magical blend of trust, unwavering support, open communication, continuous effort, and regular self-reflection. It’s when all the different instruments of your existence blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of balance and contentment. It's like a delicate dance where two partners move together, sometimes taking the lead and at other times following, all while maintaining a deep connection. Wear this necklace set as a reminder of that harmony, keeping those life tunes playing smoothly and in perfect harmony.

Set Includes:

Lineage Bib Adjustable Chain Necklace 

One of a Kind, Kinda Necklace (18") Deep Dive

Slow It Down Sodalite Gemstone Pendant 


    MATERIAL: Stainless-Steel, Glass Beads, Recycled Metals, Gemstone

    CLOSURE: 14kt Gold over Stainless-Steel Cuff Keeper

    LENGTH: 18" and Adjustable Bib 



    Water & Sweat Resistant

    Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


    Ethically Sourced

    Made in the USA

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