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An Elephant Never Forgets Pendant

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Elephants are incredible creatures. The largest land mammals on earth, they form attachments and remember relatives, they recognize familiar faces, and are able to show empathy and emotion. All of this is the source of the saying “an elephant never forgets.” Memories are an essential part of our lives, too. Like a map, memories give us a sense of direction and allow us to navigate our lives. They are a part of what makes us who we are. They allow us to store and recall experiences, build relationships, plan for the future, and provide a sense of identity and meaning. They help us understand the past and make sense of the present. Memories can provide us with comfort in difficult times and help us to stay connected to loved ones. Memories also give us peace of mind and provide a sense of purpose and belonging in the world. They remind us of our accomplishments and provide us with courage to pursue our dreams and goals. They provide us with the power to fully and authentically live our lives. Always remember to be mindful of your experiences, you could be making memories that you’ll never want to forget.


MATERIAL: Recycled Metals

FINISH: 14kt Gold

SIZE: .75" x .75"



Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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