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It's All Relative Necklace Set

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The way you see the world depends on your point of view and the context. We appreciate chocolate because cauliflower sets the bar pretty low. But we also recognize that cauliflower is better for our health because chocolate causes cavities and if you eat too much of it, all sorts of health issues. The Yin-Yang theory says that for every piece of chocolate, you have some cauliflower – both are integral to each other. The universe is made up of infinite dualities that keep the seesaw in balance. Hot and cold, good and bad, black and white. It doesn’t mean that these opposites are pitted against each other. These pairs might be contradictory in nature, but in reality, they are complementary. Everything in our universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin and yang are rooted in each other, they are interdependent. One could not speak of the sweetness of the chocolate if it weren’t for the bitterness of the cauliflower. Wear this necklace set to help guide you in your daily life, to remind you of where the balance is and how to find it.

Set Includes:

    MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Glass Beads, Recycled Metal, Glass Crystals 

    CLOSURE: Polished Stainless-Steel Cuff Keeper

    LENGTH: 18"

    Water & Sweat Resistant

    Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


    Ethically Sourced

    Made in the USA

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