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Trip Around the Sun Zodiac Charm

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Beneath the dreamy night sky, where the stars spill their secrets, the zodiac unfolds a timeless tale—a literal journey around the sun. An archer, a bull, a maiden, a lion--twelve constellations, serve as cosmic mile markers in our orbital adventure, and have captivated us for centuries. Each zodiac sign paints a distinct chapter in this cosmic saga, weaving together the unique flavors, traits, and energy of each of us. This narrative mirrors the complexity accompanying us on our grand voyage around the sun. What secrets does your zodiac hold? Explore and uncover the mysteries within.



December 22-January 19

The sound of footsteps on solid ground-- confident and deliberate. Polished marble. Tailored suits. The scent of citrus with a hint of spice. The precise sound of a pen gliding on paper. A firm handshake. Rugged textures on a smooth surface. A mental checklist. Steady progress, like a mountain's ascent.


FINISH: 14kt Gold
SIZE: 1" x .75"


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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