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Raise Your Hamsa Mini Pendant

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This little hamsa charm packs more protective vibes than your trusty umbrella on a rainy day. Always ready to ward off bad juju with a swat of its five-fingered power, consider it your cosmic bodyguard, keeping you safe from the evil eye and any other negativity that's out to get you. It’s not all seriousness and superstition, though- it’s the ultimate symbol of balance and harmony. Those five fingers? They’re like the elements- earth, air, fire, water, and spirit- coming together for a high-five of equilibrium. So, don’t just think of it as a charm; it’s a high-five from the universe, a constant reminder that you’ve got cosmic forces on your side, ensuring that life’s elements stay in perfect harmony.

MATERIAL: Recycled Metals

FINISH: 14kt Gold

SIZE: 1" x 0.5"



Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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