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Sterling Silver Against the Grain Necklace Set

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Energy never lies and you’re the gatekeeper of the energy you allow into your life. Protecting your energy is like carving out little oases of calm in the hustle. It's about shielding yourself from the constant buzz and distractions that try to pull you in every direction. In a world that glorifies constant availability, daring to safeguard your energy is a rebellious act. Go against the grain- take moments to pause and breathe, give yourself the chance to check in with your inner self, and listen to your thoughts before they get drowned out by the noise around you. It's taking control, knowing when to say no, setting boundaries, and prioritizing guarding your energy like it’s our most prized possession—because, honestly, it is.

Set Includes:

Sterling Silver Protect Your Energy Charm

Sterling Silver Heritage Chain Necklace with Cuff Keeper

MATERIAL: .925 Sterling Silver

CLOSURE: Sterling Silver with .925 Sterling Silver Cuff Keeper



Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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