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Begin Again Scarab Charm

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In the fascinating chronicles of ancient symbolism, a colossal scarab beetle ruled the Egyptian skies, directing the sun’s journey from East to West over the course of the day. As the sun gracefully vanished below the horizon each night, the scarab buried it, only to skillfully unearth it at dawn, initiating a relentless cycle of rebirth-- each sunrise a gritty comeback, an opportunity for a fresh start. This scarab is the OG warrior of renewal, embodying the raw, edgy spirit of overcoming. Like the scarab's relentless power to unearth the sun after each dusk, it urges us to tap into our own strength, overcome obstacles, and embrace transformation. The scarab's story echoes-- reminding us that we possess the strength to rise, thrive, and welcome a new day, no matter how wild the night gets.

MATERIAL: Recycled Metals, Color Epoxy

FINISH: 14kt Gold 

SIZE: 1" x .75"


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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