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Ready to Fly Bracelet

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When we're ready to fly, it's like having our personal stash of courage tucked away in the backpack of our dreams. We're geared up to spread our wings and cruise through life's skies. It's that moment when we've packed our bags with a whole lot of hope, determination, and audacity. We're standing at the edge of the diving board, ready to take that exhilarating plunge into the pool of endless opportunities. With all the prep work done, a sparkle in our eyes, and the winds of change whispering, "Let's go for it!" When we're ready to fly, it's not just about reaching new heights; it's about embracing the entire thrilling flight.
*Designed to be wrapped twice around your wrist- or for those with a teeny tiny neck, switch it up & wear it as a choker. 

Material: Stainless Steel, Glass Beads

CLOSURE: 14kt Gold over Stainless Steel with Lobster Claw



Water & Sweat Resistant

Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


Ethically Sourced

Made in the USA

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