Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace Set



CHAIN: Polished Stainless Steel

CUFF KEEPER: 14kt Gold over Stainless Steel


CHARM: .925 Sterling Silver Look and Leap Hare pendant, sandblasted for a matte finish then hand polished and heavily coated in 14kt Gold.  ~1" x .86"

Rabbits dig holes and complex underground passages, like tunnels, to build their homes. So, when rabbits want to go home, they must head down the rabbit hole, which may lead to other holes, tunnels, and paths. When we head "down the rabbit hole", we caught up in the search for something – like an answer to a problem – that we end up somewhere totally different. The expression Alice In Wonderland, in which Alice begins her adventure by falling slowly down a very long rabbit hole, and she sees some strange things on her way down. And when she arrives at the bottom things only get stranger. For us modern day Alices, the Internet is an easy way to get lost down the rabbit hole- Buying a new car? Looking for a new power tool? Wondering why your baby won’t sleep through the night? Down that particular rabbit hole you go. If you think about it, rabbit holes deepen our world and remind us of the abundance of stuff available to think about. They actually present knowledge as pleasure. The modern rabbit hole, unlike the original invites us forward, ever onward, urging us to keep becoming, as Alice would say, curiouser and curiouser. Put this necklace set on and down the rabbit hole, you go.

Handcrafted in the USA

Ethically Sourced



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