Enjoy the Sh*t that Matters Stainless Steel Cuff


Life is friggin' non-stop. Between all the should-do's and have-to's are moments with family and friends that truly matter. It's okay if the dishes sit until tomorrow and the laundry doesn't get put away. Make the choice to go out for a beer with the guys tonight. Call your best friend and catch up. Read your kids "just one more chapter!" in the book tonight. Wear this large or small stainless steel cuff as a daily reminder to enjoy the sh*t that matters.

  • Made in the USA
  • Material Stainless Steel high polished
  • Thickness 2.23 mm
  • Width 5.1mm
  • Large Size: Diameter 68.85mm 
  • Small Size: Diameter 62.44mm 

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