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Slow Down Pendant

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Life’s a wild ride, packed with unexpected surprises. But in the midst of the whirlwind, we’ve got to learn to stop and smell the roses. Life isn’t always easy, and the grass on the other side can look greener. Too often, we fail to appreciate the best moments while chasing after those greener pastures. Being grateful and enjoying the sh*t that matters doesn’t mean you can’t chase your dreams, but that you don’t ignore the simple blessings that your days are filled with. In every chapter of life, there’s something to appreciate- the small moments that infuse our day with meaning. Those fleeting, seemingly insignificant everyday moments add depth and richness to our journey, so make sure you slow down and enjoy them.


    MATERIALS: Recycled Metals

    FINISH: 14kt Gold 

    SIZE: 1.5" x .25"



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      Made In the USA

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