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Guiding Light Turquoise Pendant

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If turquoise had a resume, it would be long enough to roll out the door and impress on a first interview. Blue as the summer sky or a robin’s egg, turquoise has the energy of an old soul and no wonder, it is the first ever crystal to be mined by civilization. It is a symbol of hope, luck, peace a protection, wisdom, and tranquility. With a lullaby-like energy, people everywhere have cherished turquoise, whether used as a decorative or protective amulet, a horse protector, or rain bringer. The color of a gentle guiding light that inspires self-care and self-confidence, bringing a certain richness to your life. **These natural white howlite stones have been treated to give them their beautiful bright turquoise tones.

    MATERIAL: Genuine Howlite Turquoise Gemstone, Recycled Metal

    FINISH: 14kt Gold

    SIZE1" x .5"


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