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Hope Chain Adjustable Bracelet

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Hope is like a riddle wrapped in mystery. It’s intangible and unlike love, fear, or hate, it’s not easy to define. It's complicated, yet it resonates deeply within us. Like a whisper on the wind, hope tiptoes into our lives, often unnoticed until it's suddenly absent, leaving us yearning for its return. Ultimately, hope resembles light, eagerly awaited. We sense its approach. We wait, long and anticipate its arrival. And because we seek it only in darkness, it feels like forever. Or perhaps it won’t arrive at all –  light, as we know, is mysterious. But that’s the thing about light and hope. You can’t see it or feel it, until it’s all around you. Proving the necessity of patience. Hold fast.

A chunky chain with a subtle nod to nautical style, this adjustable bracelet is ideal for stacking and layering with your favorite pieces. Made of stainless-steel chain, it's finished with our patented push-button closure, embodying our dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Meticulously crafted in our factory in Cranston, RI.


  • Handcrafted in stainless-steel.

  • Available in 14kt gold or polished stainless steel.

  • Size regular is adjustable from 6”-7.5” and size large is adjustable from 7.5”-9”.

  • Our patented push-button mechanism creates an adjustable loop that is secured to a lobster claw clasp.

  • Made in Cranston, RI.


Water & Sweat Resistant

Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


Ethically Sourced

Made in the USA

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