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Meant to be Whole Yin Yang Pendant

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Everyone recognizes it- the little black and white symbol with half circles that swirl into each other, with a dot of the opposite color on each side. There is a curvy line between the two, signifying that there is no absolute separation between the two opposites. Yin and yang literally mean the “dark side” and the “sunny side” of a hill. In Chinese and much older Eastern thought, they represent the opposites of which the world is thought to be composed: night and day, female and male, Earth and heaven, death and birth, health and sickness. This ancient symbol of harmony reminds us that life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we learn to embrace the dualities. Each opposite makes up for what the other lacks, and the wholeness of the world would be incomplete if we only had one and not the other. After all, what is light without darkness? What’s pleasure without pain? Wear this as your reminder that bad days happen so you can appreciate the good ones.

MATERIAL: Recycled Metal; Glass Crystals

FINISH: 14kt Gold

SIZE:  .75" x .75"


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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