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On the Edge of Bliss Adjustable Necklace

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Rhodonite and Rose Quartz, an unexpected power couple, in the realm of stones, are rewriting the rules of love. They’re the dream team, the blend of sunshine and storms, or the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Rhodonite, with its bold, stormy hues, goes beyond forgiveness, creating the aftermath of a passionate storm–a tumultuous space where passion and vulnerability collide, releasing old wounds and embracing love’s profound healing touch. In contrast, Rose Quartz, in seductive pink allure, embodies the unapologetic force of sensuality, whispering secrets of self-love and deep connections. Together, they form a dynamic partnership, dancing through life’s ups and downs. Strung together, these stones tell a genuine love story—a reminder that in forgiveness and self-love, lay the foundation for meaningful connections. In their dance, our hearts find freedom amid the compelling force of connections, lingering on the edge of bliss. 

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Genuine Rhodonite, Genuine Rose Quartz 

CLOSURE: 14k Gold over Stainless Steel Cuff Keepers, Adjustable Push Button

LENGTH: Adjustable up to 30"

Water & Sweat Resistant

Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


Ethically Sourced

Made in the USA

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