Stainless Steel Prism Adjustable Clear Quartz Necklace

Color: 14kt Gold

CHAIN: 14k Gold over Stainless Steel

PUSH BUTTON: 14kt Gold over Stainless Steel

LENGTH: Adjustable to 25"

My nephew recently asked me how rainbows are made. I answered with all the scientific knowledge I once learned from the memorable prism scene in Disney’s Pollyanna, and explained that light reflects off water droplets in the air and that’s why they always appear opposite the sun and after it rains. If you think about it, a prism is a rainbow maker. A physical symbol of everyday magic. Rainbows transform dreariness into a world of wonder. Wear this necklace to help you with your search for everyday magic and trying to see the good in life, to help you hold onto the light during times of darkness. Also, Pollyanna is now on Disney+, you're welcome. 

Handmade in the USA

Ethically Sourced

💦water-resistant, sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, tarnish-proof, sustainable, low maintenance, lightweight.

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