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Silent Strength Gemstone Pendant

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Everything in the universe hums with energy. Our human energy is all over the place—a symphony of ever-changing notes, fluctuating, and easily swayed by the world around us. Gemstones, on the other hand, embody energy in its purest form; they are the earth’s steady heartbeat, capable of influencing the energy of those who come near. Balancing moods, and soothing emotions, each stone is its own universe – a tiny world spinning with intent and purpose. We’re drawn to these stones by an invisible thread, attracted to the qualities we need most. It’s as if the universe whispers through them, guiding us to the one that will provide exactly what we seek. Trust your intuition, for it knows the song of your soul. Let the gemstone that resonates with you be your guide, a steady force in the ever-shifting landscape of life.

With a focus on simplicity and meticulous craftsmanship, we aimed to create a gemstone collection that embodies both beauty and purpose. These teardrop-shaped pendants symbolize the natural rhythm of life and the strength found in stability, offering you a tangible connection to the universe's profound energy in a style that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

Secrets of the Deep Mother of Pearl
Whispers of the ocean’s secrets. Gentle waves meeting the shore. Timeless elegance. A calming presence in a chaotic world. Moonlit reflections on tranquil waters. Subtle sophistication shimmering beneath the surface. The embrace of serenity revealing hidden depths waiting to be discovered. A dance of light and shadow. The essence of graceful resilience. The whisper of secrets untold, a soft murmur of the sea’s ancient stories.



  • Genuine Mother of Pearl teardrop gemstone, hand set in brass.
  • Available in 14kt gold or vintage silver.
  • Measures 1" x .5".
  • Perfectly designed to fit onto our patented cuff keeper.
  • Made in Cranston, RI.
  • FYI: Natural gemstones vary in color, clarity, and inclusion patterns, making each one unique. No two are the same so trust in the universe to deliver the stone that’s meant for you.


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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