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Speak Volumes Sterling Silver Necklace Set

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The alphabet whispers a silent, universal language– a set of symbols that reaches people across borders and cultures. Just as constellations form in the night sky, letters come together to create words and stories. Within each letter lies an entire universe of significance–holding secrets, memories and connections. This collection serves as a common thread that ties us together, a language universally understood.  In these little letters, we discover the power to convey it all, holding the profound ability to speak volumes, without uttering a single word. What story will you let yours tell?

Set Includes:

Sterling Silver All Mixed Up Necklace with Cuff Keeper

Sterling Silver Put it in Writing Alphabet Charm

    MATERIAL: .925 Sterling Silver, Charm- .925 Sterling Silver

    CLOSURE: 14kt Gold over .925 Sterling Silver Cuff Keeper

    LENGTH: 18"

      Water & Sweat Resistant

      Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


      Ethically Sourced

      Made in the USA

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