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Sterling Silver Little Black Everything Onyx Gemstone

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As deep as the midnight sky, Black Onyx radiates a silent strength that captures the gaze. Its deep hue mirrors the depths of our inner power, a silent guardian, a steadfast protector, standing firm against negativity and doubt. Dark and moody, it shields us from negative energy, paving the way for clarity and resolve. Like roots firmly planted in the earth, its grounding energy steadies the soul. Reflecting inner truths and revealing hidden wisdom, black onyx acts as a mirror to the soul. Embrace the power of the unknown, for within its darkness lies infinite possibility.
Opaque, genuine onyx gems, set in hand-crafted sterling silver, your new almighty shield. Plus, it goes with everything.

MATERIAL: .925 Sterling Silver Pendant, Onyx Gemstone

FINISH: 14KT Heavy Coated over .925 Sterling Silver

SIZE: 1.375" x .5"


Ethically Sourced

Made In the USA

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