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Never Truly Alone Necklace Set

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The cross extends beyond the walls of churches; it's a universal symbol of faith that breaks through religious boundaries, embodying the enduring human spirit and the connections that bind us all. Imagine its arms outstretched like a cosmic embrace, symbolizing the intersection of different parts of our lives - body, mind, spirit, and heart. Think of it as a compass for life’s journey, steering us in the right direction, always. Whether you view it as a spiritual anchor, a symbol of hope, or simply a beautiful reminder of our unity, the cross resonates with the core of our shared human experience, a reminder that we’re never truly alone.

Set Includes:

The Four Corners of the Universe Charm

Stainless Steel Adjustable Lineage Chain Necklace

Stainless Steel Remain Grateful Rope Chain Necklace with Cuff Keeper

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel Chain, Recycled Metal

CLOSURE: 14kt Gold over Stainless-Steel Cuff Keeper, Adjustable Push Button Necklace

LENGTH: 18", Adjustable up to 26"


Water & Sweat Resistant

Tarnish Proof & Hypoallergenic


Ethically Sourced

Made in the USA

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