When Nothing is Certain Necklace Set


We usually think of uncertainty as something negative. Something to fear and avoid in favor of what is familiar and comfortable to us. For so many, uncertainty throws life challenges at us. But maybe it can and should be viewed as an opportunity. When we don’t have a plan laid out before us, we are free to create one. Many of the greatest discoveries, inventions and leaders have been born of uncertainty. Many think that when the situation is unsure, you should be cautious. This way of thinking can be paralyzing. Want to succeed in uncertain times? Think of all the possibilities, not the impossibilities. Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty and remember when nothing is certain, anything is possible.


What Goes Around Comes Around Necklace with Double Cuff Keepers

Light as a Feather Oversized Pendant

Guiding Light Turquoise Pendant

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