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7 Steps For Building a Charcuterie Board For Summer

7 Steps For Building a Charcuterie Board For Summer

7 Steps For Building a Charcuterie Board For Summer

Whether you’re a novice foodie looking to enter the world of charcuterie boards or a connoisseur hoping to up the decorative food-game, the art of charcuterie board making is definitely a fun one. And the best part? You’ll experience new flavor combinations every time you build a board. With post-covid summer get-togethers in full swing, a charcuterie board is the perfect way to keep your friends happy, entertained, and impressed while catching up with one another.

 1. Choosing Your Charcuterie Board

When creating the perfect charcuterie board, step one is to consider how many of your friends will be enjoying your artistic array of meats and cheeses. For a group of two or three of you, a simple and small serving board offers just enough space for a small variety of goodies. However, if you’re entertaining a larger group, it might be a smart idea to expand your charcuterie serving board to one that offers more surface space. Regardless of which board you choose to build your base out of, we definitely recommend exploring ones hand crafted by local artisans for a more genuine touch.

2. Picking Your Charcuterie Board Meats

 Here come the meats -- three to five different types of meats, to be exact. Now is the best time to grab a few much-loved favorites, as well as a couple of cured meats you’ve been eyeing to try. We recommend mixing and matching flavors and textures of your charcuterie meats, such as soppressata, calabrese, prosciutto, or mortadella.

3. Pairing Your Meats With Cheese

Choosing the right cheeses for your charcuterie board is *crucial* for balance. Similar to mixing and matching the texture of your meats for your board, repeat that same process for your cheeses. Alternate between a variety of hard, soft and even spreadable cheeses that fit the flavor pallet of your board creation.

No idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a few flavor combinations worth trying. If you’re into smokey, bold flavors we recommend pairing gouda with salami, or try burrata with prosciutto for a refreshing take on something both sweet and salty. We promise you’ll like them.

4. Choosing The Right Crackers

Whether you like to eat your meats and cheese as is or spread some jam onto a triscuit, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a charcuterie board. By placing a few varieties of crackers, such as a garlic and herb water cracker or salt and pepper breadstick, you can instantly upgrade your board with pops of flavor.

 5. Decorate With Fruits and Jams

Some may argue that their favorite part of a handmaid charcuterie board is the myriad of jams, spreads, and fruits that bring color to the table. Red or green grapes are the classic choice, but mixing in a few summer flavors like oranges and watermelon add a fun touch. Also, try adding a fig or apple jam that can be paired with breads or crackers, and if you’re feeling daring, explore add-ons like mostarda, an Italian sweet-yet-spicy spread that is sure to woo even the pickiest of eaters.

6. Add On The Encore of Extras

Here’s where your puzzle-piecing-creativity comes into play. Bring on the texture with the addition of candied walnuts, dried figs, or salty olives to fill in any remaining gaps of space on your board. A little can go a long way, but the more is ALWAYS the merrier.

 7. Garnish For Color

Last but not least, garnish your charcuterie board with leafy greens or florals for a finishing touch. To bring out the bright colors and flavors of summer, we recommend adding mandarins and chamomile flowers around the board. Pro tip: chamomile flowers are actually edible!

No matter how you’ll be building your next charcuterie board this summer, we’re sure your friends and family will love the attention to detail. Experiment with flavors, throw in a few candied nuts, and don’t forget about finding the perfect serving board to showcase your art. Good luck!



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