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Cuff Keepers- All About the Hold Up

Cuff Keepers- All About the Hold Up

It all started as an idea- like many of our designs, we were inspired by vintage items- sailing rope locks, the closure on a vintage handbag, antique jewelry and cufflinks, hardware from an old factory. The greatest attribute behind all of our inspiration: form + function.

As jewelry veterans with experience in the industry, we really wanted to design a mechanism intended to be an expression of identity and personal values. We brought this “aha” moment to life and created our cuff keeper component- a uniquely designed spring closure, shaped like a handcuff, that serves as both a clasp and/or charm holder. We designed it to be unisex, meant for everybody, and the possibilities could be endless. Handmade, timeless, modern and most importantly- functional.

This idea turned into our best-selling product of 2020.

Unexpectedly, we found ourselves in a jam- in early 2021, our best-selling product sold out. Simultaneously, we thought this would be the perfect time to improve our patent-pending design. We wanted to make it better with a few tweaks and upgrades. After months + months and iteration after iteration with multiple vendors, this component was still not meeting our standards.  

Long story short, we couldn’t wait for someone else to do it for us- we took matters into our own hands. In the end, everything from the idea to the development, design and manufacturing has been done by us. Talk about blood, sweat and tears (lots of salty tears).
The finished cuff keeper is an innovative mechanism and it made us realize you’ve got to trust the process, even if the process takes six months.

Lesson learned- never stop improving.  We’ve learned that easy doesn’t build great and, all the hard work and personally obsessing over each and every detail has been worth all the effort. 



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