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Enjoy the sh*t that matters

Enjoy the sh*t that matters

If you’re like us, then you’re a mover and a shaker. You’re constantly on the go, making things happen, taking life by the horns, and tackling every challenge with grit. 

But we want to know, what are you reflecting on at the end of the day? What really moves you to feel true joy?

Sure, when you have a big win, we know you’re gonna be celebrating - we’d be celebrating too. 

But what about the in-between moments? The quiet moments when nothing big is really happening, and yet you’re...

Living The Life in Between®

How about yesterday, when you listened from around the corner as your oldest read a book to your youngest?

And how about last week, when you and your friends enjoyed a Zoom karaoke night, and you laughed harder than you’ve laughed in ages?

Or right now, sipping your favorite beverage while you scroll through your phone?

No doubt, at the end of every single day, this is the Sh*t That Matters® most to you. 

In between the carpool and tackling Laundry Mountain. In between dropping the kids off at school and taking them to soccer practice. In between your morning meeting and your afternoon project demands, we urge you to...

Enjoy the Sh*t That Matters®

At Air & Anchor, we’ve made it our mission to create products that offer daily reminders to enjoy these small, yet significant moments of your life.

We want to provide you with the tools you need - the power symbols, the mantras, the home accessories, and the cozy comforts that remind you daily to Enjoy the Sh*t That Matters®.

Instead of writing your mantras on your mirror in lipstick, or redecorating with sticky notes, we want you to be able to wear your mantras.

Slip on The Life In Between Stainless Steel Cuff. Hang the Rising Up Phoenix Pendant around your neck and let it remind you that you will rise again. Arm yourself with the Patience Please Feather Bracelet, then float through the hard things and make them fun.

At the end of the day, or early in the morning, savor a few moments of quiet with your cozy 100% Cotton Even Keel Throw and your Honey Pot Mug full of your favorite beverage.

It Boils Down to This

No matter what you do in the big moments, we believe it’s the little moments that count the most.

Forget about the insignificant stuff, like showing up late, forgetting something important, or cursing at the guy who cut you off. Don’t waste your time on all that bullsh*t.

Instead, lean into the small moments, the moments you really love, the ones that make you happiest. Savor the moments that allow you to reset your perspective and inspire gratitude for the life you’re living. 

Take the time to stop and realize how lucky you are to have those moments. Then, enjoy the sh*t out of them.

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