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Three stones that will rock his world

Three stones that will rock his world

So, what are you getting all the guys on your list this year? 

How about you avoid that lame holiday gift box from Target and that creepy large tub of questionably-flavored popcorn, and you style him up with stones instead! 

AIR AND ANCHOR Men's Tiger Eye Bracelet with Gold Finish

Tiger Eye

Sometimes you just need to stop and take a breath before you say something you can't take back. Amiright? The Figure It Out Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet has a way of helping you press pause on your over-the-top reactions so you don't put your big ol' foot in your mouth. With a pat on the ass, Tiger Eye encourages you to stand a little taller and feel comfy in who you are. The king of the jungle, tigers are courageous, strong, and ready to take on anything. Tap into all that strength with these stones around your wrist. The added bonus? They look killer with all those swirly amber and dark wood tones, especially when paired with the Cast Your Net metal bracelet in the Changing It Up Bracelet Set.

AIR AND ANCHOR Fancy Jasper Beaded Bracelet for Men with Silver Closure

Fancy Jasper

What’s the opposite of Tiger Eye? Fancy Jasper stones! Jasper is all kinds of calm and soothing and will help tame your inner worrywort in no time. If Tiger’s Eye is an energy drink, Fancy Jasper is a decaf cup of tea with local wildflower honey. It’s perfect for the guy who works too much, who stresses out about everything, and who worries he’s never good enough. Rock this Stop Stressing Fancy Jasper Beaded Out bracelet for some deep down calm, some happy vibes, and some peaceful confidence. Who says life needs to be so intense all the time?? You can slay the day and still enjoy the heck out of it. It also looks hella cool paired with the Grapnel bracelet in the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Bracelet Set.

AIR AND ANCHOR Men's Hamatine Bracelet


You’re probably thinking, “what the f*ck is hematine?” Well, it’s a super cool man-made stone with magnetic properties, that’s what it is. These Silver Surfer metallic-looking stones encourage you to attract what you want and to let go of what you don't. How do you stay grounded while kicking ass at life and work? You take it all on with the You Are A Force Hematine Elastic And Chain Bracelet. There’s no reason not to have it all - that amazing job, the great family, everything checked off your bucket list.

AIR AND ANCHOR hat and jewelry on a man

There you have it. No need to think any longer on what to get the guys in your life. Shop now and get ready for all the glory that comes with cool friggin’ gift giving.

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